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Posted on September 21, 2021

i3 Logging Service by ECaTS
Actionable Intelligence for Next Generation 911

Details matter when you’re responsible for monitoring and managing the “big picture” view of your Emergency Services IP Network (ESInet) across multiple jurisdictions, even states. As a NG911, i3-compliant logging solution, ECaTS provides reliable resources that meet current and evolving standards, sorting out technical and regulatory complexities.

The ECaTS i3 Logging Service offers an i3-ready interface that aggregates and organizes the logs generated by your NG911 network, providing data on calls before they get to a public safety answering point (PSAP). Seamless merging of NG911 network log data and PSAP-provided data allows for robust, end-to-end call reporting.

The i3 Logging Service supports end-to-end logging and retrieval, providing insight into every call that travels across your NG911 network and every network element engaged along the way.

Informed Decisions

Informed decision-making is key to efficiently managing network operations. ECaTS i3 Logger is a user-friendly tool that quickly provides a birds-eye view of network performance. Changes are identified as they occur, providing confidence for informed decision-making when concerns arise.

Powerful Insight

i3 Logger is a powerful management tool providing highly reliable, multi-functional insight:

  • Event Logging and Reporting helps you understand and evaluate network performance and the health of your system
  • Discrete Element Reporting reviews activity within available network elements
  • Call Handling Reporting identifies and helps interpret any call that crosses your network
  • Ecats’ Solutions Work With Industry Leaders

    i3 Logger is no exception to the ECaTS’ rule - our solutions are compatible with all the leading CPE platforms and NGCS providers. Better yet, our tools can capture data from disparate CPEs across your entire enterprise, aggregating and consolidating the information for streamlined reporting and analysis.

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