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ECaTS, or Emergency Call Tracking System, was developed to make your work easier by generating concise, descriptive reports for your 9-1-1 call data. Our suite of services works with all CPE providers and adapts to suit the tech you already work with. Let's customize a package to suit your individual and enterprise needs. Let's save more lives together.

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Standardized Reports. Customized Service.

Our classic 9-1-1 analytics solution, outfitted with a selection of preconfigured and ad hoc reports and customer service perks unlike any other MIS in the industry.

Standard Reports

20+ core reports to help you make the most of your data, including calls per hour, PSAP answer time, circuit utilization, and call transfer count.

Management reports

A selection of reports that gives leadership a big-picture view of PSAP performance, such as trunk group utilization and answer time exception.

Ad Hoc

Build your own reports and generate large data sets in Excel and other formats. ECaTS staff helps you build templates, run reports, and conduct analysis. Just ask!

Raw Data

Access and view all your raw call data at any time, for any reason. ECaTS stores your data indefinitely and purges it upon customer request.

Report Scheduling

Set up automatic, recurring delivery of any (or all) of your reports so that they're in your email inbox and ready when you are.

Full Service / Support

Unlimited personal phone support, webinars, and data requests—and we'll even develop custom reports for your specific needs.

Near-Real-Time PSAP Analytics.

A visually striking platform that works with ECaTS Core to display your call data and PSAPs’ status on an interactive dashboard.

Easily monitor call taker performance and system health on a per–PSAP or regional basis—updated every minute.

Identify emerging incidents or outages on a map of your coverage area in time to react and respond effectively.

See near-live PSAP statistics at both an individual and high-level view to aid in strategic and budget planning.

9-1-1 for the 21st Century.

You've already pioneered Text-to-9-1-1 technology. Now, become a pioneer in Text-to-9-1-1 reporting and get a complete picture of your PSAPs' emergency response. With this module, you access a suite of reports that elucidate the impact of SMS on your PSAPs, including:

Sessions Per Hour

Messages per Hour by Carrier

Messages by Initial Operator

Average Speed of Answer

Messages per Session Profile

Average Speed of Response

Average Session Duration

Session Transcript

SMS Top Busiest Hours

SMS Attempts

SMS Transfers

And more!

Move in the Right Direction.

The WRA module contains a suite of reports that analyze your wireless routing for each cell sector based on data from the local call handling platform. Routing can be a tricky business because it involves the cooperation of multiple entities—and there can be serious consequences when it’s done improperly.

With this module, you get insight into how calls are delivered to your PSAP, if calls that should be directed to you are not routing correctly, or if you’re picking up calls that shouldn’t come to you. That allows you to make recommendations for improved service to local cell carriers, which directly influences your ability to forecast your PSAPs’ needs and ensure you’re delivering the best emergency response possible to your community.

The reports included in the WRA module are:

Wireless Call Sector

Wireless Transfer Summary

New Tower Report

ESN Tracking Report

Field Testing Report

Know Who You Need.
Before You Need Them.

Avoid over- or understaffing your PSAPs with the Staffing Forecast module. This service uses your call data from the past year to predict how many agents you need at every PSAP, every day, every hour.

We do the math so you don’t have to. Your predictive reports and personalized recommendations are generated using the Erlang-C formula and your historic call handling data.

Get forecasts based on real life. Your needs change in certain circumstances (such as holidays, special events, or changing seasons). We account for these outliers so that your predictions are as accurate as possible.

Configurable reports help you create your business goals. Toggle factors like call duration, answer time goal, and service level goal to develop ambitious but attainable short- and long-term objectives for your PSAPs.

Stay in budget without compromising service. No one wants to waste money on unneeded agents, but there are high risks to understaffing. Use this service to find the perfect balance.

Any Way You Want It.

Every PSAP and every enterprise has different needs. In addition to preconfigured modules and ECaTS Core, we offer extra a-la-carte reports at bundle prices so you can wring every drop of insight from your emergency call data. Examples include:

Detailed Agent Reporting Bundle

Agent Statistics Module

Agent Detail Report

Position Detail Report

Agent Summary Report

Call Type by Call Taker

Transfer Reporting

Time from Seizure to Transfer

Time from Answer to Transfer

Time from Transfer (Source PSAP) to Answer (Destination PSAP)

Can't find just the report you need? Since ECaTS is a service, not just a product, we can custom-develop a solution just for you and train your staff to use it effectively.

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Next-Gen Intel, Ready to Launch.

The ECaTS i3 Logging Service offers an i3-ready interface that aggregates the logs within an ESInet and the logs available at a PSAP to provide data on calls before they get to the PSAP, thereby supporting true end-to-end transaction logging and retrieval. Basically, all significant steps in processing a call are logged by ESInet functional elements and call handling systems and submitted to the logging service. Each log contains a transaction ID to support log aggregation for end-to-end reporting.

We know it can be tricky to know if you can trust a logging service. ECaTS is a vendor-neutral solution for data gathering, logging and reporting; when you choose our service, we guarantee unbiased representation of your data from the functional elements on the ESInet. And don’t worry, we’ve got you covered: Available as a standalone service or a complementary add-on to ECaTS Core, our i3 Logging Service conforms to NENA-STA-010.2-2016 Detailed Functional and Interface Specification for the NENA i3 Solution.

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