ECaTS and SQLstream Deliver Cloud Platform for Real-Time 911 Call Analytics

Posted September 2015

Call dispatchers in 911 call centers are making critical decisions but often without the real-time, up to the second insight that they need. ECaTS, the leading provider of real-time analytics dashboards to the Public Safety industry, is partnering with SQLstream, the data stream processing platform for machine big data, to deliver real-time actionable insights from streaming 911 call data, providing operations managers with the information they need to make the best possible decisions.

SQLstream Inc., provider of the leading platform for data stream processing, today announced that ECaTS has selected SQLstream Blaze as the real-time streaming analytics engine for its 911 Emergency Call Tracking System. With SQLstream Blaze, ECaTS delivers real-time analytics with second by second updates for 911 calls and network performance, enabling emergency call center managers to prioritize operations and resolve workload issues based on timely, actionable intelligence.

ECaTS is a cloud-based SaaS analytics platform for Public Safety analytics, providing Public Safety officials with actionable insights into call processing, call delivery/network performance (ESINet), and overall wireless system health and availability. SQLstream Blaze processes in real-time the 911 call data collected by ECaTS sensors, delivering streaming analytics to any number of ECaTS presentation dashboards. A single system scales to handle millions of calls per day, offering state, county and even country-wide operations on a single platform.

"SQLstream Blaze gives us the real-time performance required to deliver call analytics at big data scale across any number of PSAPs, counties and states," said Chris Duxler, ECaTS Operations Director. “For our customers this means real-time actionable insights into 911 calls and call processing for improved scheduling and incident management."

ECaTS with SQLstream Blaze enables smarter responses to 911 calls with improved decision-making for efficient allocation, prioritization and scheduling of resources. Managers and support staff in the operations centers are now able to assess incident severity in real-time based on call type and volume by geographical area, address workload issues immediately and prevent escalations by utilizing real-time call status metrics from live dashboards that are updated every second, and identify network performance and service-impacting issues in real-time and assess the impact on 9-1-1 call handling.

"We believed from the outset that a real-time platform capable of supporting mission-critical, operational systems was essential and that standards such as SQL were key to that vision," said Damian Black, CEO of SQLstream. “The fact that ECaTS with SQLstream Blaze can be deployed in a matter of hours and now plays a central role in 9-1-1 operations is exciting and offers important validation of our software."

About Direct Technology and ECaTS
ECaTS from Direct Technology is Software as a Service that confronts the challenges of Big Data within the Public Safety industry, processing hundreds of thousands of calls per day and delivering real-time actionable insights for individual Public Safety Access Points (PSAPs) on local, organizational and statewide levels. The implementation of standards and measurable goals across multiple jurisdictions with a focus on full accountability has quickly become a critical industry need. As counties and states plan and make technological transitions such as PSAP consolidation through hosted environments and Next Generation network deployments, ECaTS is ready with real-time Big Data solutions to emerging challenges. ECaTS makes management of Public Safety services simpler. Learn more at or follow us on Twitter (@ecats911).

About SQLstream
SQLstream Inc. is the provider of the leading big data software platform for data stream processing. Built on an ANSI SQL-compliant stream processing engine, the SQLstream Blaze software suite enables enterprises to act immediately on actionable insights from their data in motion through real-time analytics, continuous integration and automated actions. Blaze eliminates the complexity, time, and cost of real-time performance, and enables enterprises to deliver a better customer experience, increase revenue, improve operational efficiency, and eliminate fraud. SQLstream is based in San Francisco, California. For more information, visit, follow us on Twitter (@sqlstream), or visit for a full tutorial on stream processing with SQL.

Direct Technology is a veteran-owned and operated company headquartered in Roseville, CA. The company specializes in creating custom software for industries ranging from Public Safety, Energy Efficiency, Retail, Technology and IOT. For more information about Direct Technology and the products available please visit or call (916) 787-2200.

ECaTS demonstrates dashboard solution to U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the State of California

Posted August 2015

ROSEVILLE, Calif., Aug 17, 2015 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- The ECaTS dashboard solution will be featured in a demonstration hosted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the State of California on Monday, August 17 during APCO 2015, the premier event of Public Safety communications officials.

The goal is to demonstrate how real-time Public Safety analytics can be used in cooperation between federal and state agencies for greater threat analysis, monitoring, and coordinated response. California has taken the lead in collaborative Public Safety monitoring by being first to implement a real-time statewide monitoring system shared by both DHS and the CA Office of Emergency Services (OES). This enables a collaborative response to Public Safety incidents.

ECaTS created and deployed the first 911 industry real-time analytics dashboard and is currently working with the State of California and Department of Homeland Security to deploy the system to monitor Public Safety activity at both a state and federal level.

ECaTS provides a unique dashboard view of the 911 environment for both DHS and OES: a view of the major wireless carrier towers as it relates to wireless 911 call delivery to a Public Safety Access Point (PSAP), and monitoring the 911 call volumes for each tower/sector assigned to each PSAP in the State. In the unlikely case that an incident occurs on cellular infrastructure, the dashboard at both OES and DHS will detect and raise alerts indicating both the PSAP and carriers that are affected by the incident. This combined State and Federal monitoring system provides the public with exceptional service and monitoring with responses now jointly coordinated with both State and Federal resources in real-time.

“It’s an exciting time for public safety, as it’s now possible to use real-time monitoring and analytics to improve coordination of multiple government agencies to provide better services to the public. ECaTS is privileged to be part of the ongoing exploration of Federal and State coordination that our platform can offer and we look forward to the next phase of the project,” said Christopher Duxler, ECaTS operations director.

APCO, the international Association of Public Safety Communications Officials, is the oldest and largest organization of Public Safety communications professionals from frontline telecommunicators to communication center managers. APCO 2015 will be held August 16-19 at the Washington D.C. Convention Center. For more information about APCO 2015, visit

The Department of Homeland Security demonstration will be at the DHS NCIC and will include two premier California state officials who are on the leading edge of 911 metrics and reporting: Karen Wong, assistant director, chairperson of the 911 Board and project sponsor and Alicia Fuller, the NG911 and ECaTS administrator for California.

To see a demonstration of the ECaTS 911 solution, visit booth 1543, or schedule a demo at

Direct Technology is a veteran-owned and operated company headquartered in Roseville, CA. The company specializes in creating custom software for industries ranging from Public Safety, Energy Efficiency, Retail, Technology and IOT. For more information about Direct Technology and the products available please visit or call (916) 787-2200.

ECaTS, a Division of Direct Technology, Victorious in Frivolous Patent Lawsuit

Posted July 2015

On July 28, 2015, U.S. District Court Judge Kimberly Mueller dismissed with prejudice a patent infringement claim brought by plaintiff Boars Head, Inc. (dba Public Safety Network) against Direct Technology’s ECaTS division. Judge Mueller, citing Alice Corp. Pty. vs. CLS Bank Int’l, ___U.S. ___, 134 S. Ct. 2347 (2014), ruled in favor of Direct Technology’s ECaTS real-time 911 analytics dashboard, which provides monitoring of public safety events and network activity.

“Judge Mueller’s decision is a great victory for the public safety industry, and protects the public by rejecting an attempt to control how data or information could be displayed or shared over the internet,” said Fred Michanie, founder and president of Direct Technology.

“We maintained from day one that U.S. Patent 8,447,263 is not valid, and now thanks to the Honorable Judge Mueller’s reasoned and considered judgment, our position has been vindicated,” said the lead attorney for Direct Technology, Manuel de la Cerra. This highlights a continuing industry challenge to innovative companies facing lawsuits from firms who exist only to profit from meritless patent claims.

Direct Technology’s ECaTS division has created and deployed the first 911 industry real-time analytics dashboard. ECaTS is currently working with both the State of California and the Department of Homeland Security to deploy the system to monitor all public safety activity at both a state and federal level.

ECaTS provides two different dashboard views of the 911 environment: an overall view of call handling and call activity for the State of California; and a view of the major wireless carrier networks health, which will be piloted at the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center. This combined State and Federal monitoring system provides the public with exceptional public safety service and monitoring.

“Technology has finally reached the point where the large volume of daily 911 data received can be analyzed in real-time, and immediate action can be taken against real data to identify public threats,” said Christopher Duxler, ECaTS operations director.

Direct Technology is a veteran-owned and operated company headquartered in Roseville, CA. The company specializes in creating custom software for industries ranging from Public Safety, Energy Efficiency, Retail, Technology and IOT. For more information about Direct Technology and the products available please visit or call (916) 787-2200.

Direct Technology, makers of ECaTS, announce the development of Power ECaTS

Posted July 2015

ROSEVILLE, CA June 29, 2015 – Direct Technology, the makers of ECaTS, announced today the introduction of Power ECaTS, a reporting solution integrated specifically with Intrado’s call handling portfolio of products, including Intrado VIPER® and Power 911®. Intrado, a leading provider of 9-1-1 technology solutions and a subsidiary of West Corporation, worked closely with Direct Technology on an Intrado-specific version of Direct Technology’s Emergency Call Tracking System platform which leverages the power of Intrado’s technology to provide a reliable and scalable reporting technology.

Power ECaTS is a purpose-built, i3-ready reporting service that includes ACD and Agent information along with Intrado-exclusive ECaTS reports, making it unique in the marketplace. Power ECaTS provides Intrado customers MIS data, a baseline collection of Text and TTY reports and Intrado custom reports enabling detailed analytics and reporting on all aspects of PSAP operations.

“We are excited to partner with ECaTS in the development of an enhanced reporting system for gathering important 9-1-1 data and analyzing call statistics in an efficient, cost-effective manner for the public safety community,“ said Paul Guest, Director – Product Management, Intrado.

Power ECaTS is provided as a software-as-a-service model and contains a comprehensive collection of standard reports and capabilities augmented by a robust ad hoc reporting user interface and a suite of optional custom reports and modules.

“Both companies have a long-standing history of collaboration to bring best-in-class Public Safety intelligence and 9-1-1 call handling services to an industry that demands standardized monitoring, reporting and accountability tools,” said Christopher Duxler, Operations Director of ECaTS.

Exciting New Changes in ECaTS Support

Posted April 2015

In our continual effort to enhance productivity and deliver a superior customer service experience, ECaTS has implemented a new Help Desk solution that is already maximizing efficiency, and further reducing our industry-leading response times.

Customers who contact ECaTS support via email are already noticing and appreciating the lightening-fast response and resolution times.

That’s not all! Soon, users will be able to access a powerful self-service portal containing a comprehensive Knowledge Base that will allow them to answer their own questions quickly and thoroughly.

In addition, users will soon have the ability to access downloadable content, create and view their own support tickets, and more.

Stay tuned for these upcoming changes, and others, as ECaTS continues to raise the bar for 911 industry support.

North Carolina Utilizes ECaTS Reporting to Improve 911 Call Answer Times

Posted April 2015

The City of Fayetteville 911 Team received the award for “The Most Improved 911 Call Answering Time” from the North Carolina 911 Board on March 28, 2014. ECaTS reporting played a large role in this achievement.

Richard Taylor, the Director for the North Carolina 911 Board of Directors, used ECaTS to view monthly reports on PSAP performance. Richard found that one group was below 40% of the NENA call answering time standard. Richard was able to identify problematic staffing patterns by utilizing the ECaTS MIS system. The volume of 911 calls arriving at Fayetteville and the answer times for those calls were compared to the number of dispatchers working at any given hour, providing insights into the dilemma.

The Board figured out that there were staffing issues by using the different reports ECaTS has to offer such as the Calls per Hour Report, and by monitoring the PSAPs for 3 months. Fayetteville was using traditional staffing patterns, compared to staffing the PSAP based on busy call hours. Richard Taylor worked with Lisa Reid to change staffing patterns at Fayetteville, which led to an increase in overall PSAP performance.

Fayetteville began taking pride in what they were doing and improved their call answering times. The PSAPs should ultimately be meeting NENA standards by answering all 911 calls in 10 seconds or less. Fayetteville landed in the top 20% of all answer times with other PSAPs. The tremendous improvement took dedicated employees, intuitive leaders, and a form of quantitative analytical reporting.

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