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Capture Text-to-9-1-1 and SMS Sessions
ECaTS gives you the ability to capture and report on SMS and Text to 9-1-1 sessions.
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Keep your reporting consistent over time
ECaTS is CPE agnostic and can be your analytics reporting platform regardless of vendor changes over time.
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Schedule Reports
Easy report scheduling for convenience and efficiency
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Track Wireless Calls
No more guessing on wireless transfer statistics…
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Migrate Existing Data
Take your data with you and never lose existing historical data again.
Integrate Reports
ECaTS can combine data from Call handling, CAD and other platforms, for integrated reporting that's accessible through a single user interface.
Improve Report Accuracy
Demand better analytics for more accurate reporting.

ECaTS is intuitive and easy to use.

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Cloud Analytics: The next level of data availability

The ECaTS solution is configured in a high-availability, redundant cloud architecture that minimizes downtime and provides easy access from anywhere with an Internet connection and an Internet browser.

All ECaTS functions are provided to the user base via their web browsers. ECaTS users have access to their data anywhere, anytime, from any device with a web browser (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows mobile, laptops, desktops, etc.).

Data is stored at our secure tier-4 data center, so consequently there is also an extra added benefit of a reduced hardware foot print; there are no servers required for MIS at any of the PSAP locations.

Data Migration

Typically, when there is a change from an old platform to the latest and greatest or a change in vendor, historical data from the past number of years of operations are lost or stored in a location or format that is difficult to convert.

Results? Large amounts of lost history, trends and critical information. Information that can be critical to organizational planning. ECaTS gives the organization the ability to not only keep but maintain and utilize that historical data in a seamless manner, even if you change platform vendors.

ECaTS team of professionals will transform, load, parse, process, validate and deliver your historical data into the new environment, enabling you to avoid event breaks in your reporting.

Your NG9-1-1 Transition Partner

As the 911 NextGen world continues to evolve, your workflows change and solutions mature, ECaTS will grow and adapt to newly available data streams, content and statistics. The ECaTS system and tables have already been adjusted to account for new 911 events such as media rich or text message based events. Such events have been tested and validated in our labs, including the availability of NextGen specific reports which will become available to our clients as they transition their environments from legacy to NextGen.

ECaTS is able to offer tools and services that will adjust and grow alongside the development of next generation 911 technologies while raising the bar of public safety analytics to a whole new level of transparent information.

Unmatched Customer Service

ECaTS provides customer service support that is unmatched in the 911 reporting industry. As part of ECaTS dedication to customer service; a Client Communication Specialist will be assigned who will assist you with initial and continued product training, custom data requests, data validation against other MIS packages, explanation of questionable data and report building.

Never feel abandoned or overwhelmed by report requests again.

We wholeheartedly consider ECaTS an integral part of our strategic planning and management decision making process.
Eric Parry
State 9-1-1 Program Manager, Utah Communications Authority

Key Features of ECaTS

Here are a few of the things that separate the ECaTS platform from a typical 911 MIS package...

Standardized Analytics Reports

Reports such as Call Summary, Calls per Hour by Day of Week, Top ANI, ESN or Busiest Hours and Average Call Duration are easily available to users upon login.

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Ad Hoc Reports

Ad-Hoc reporting is one of the most powerful features of ECaTS and accessible through an intuitive user friendly interface. It allows the users to generate reports against any data element stored in the system, providing a broad range of ad hoc reporting capability.

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ECaTS Dashboard

ECaTS can provide an additional option product to provide Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) and real-time reporting on individual PSAP statistics via the ECaTS Dashboard.

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ECaTS Text-To-9-1-1 Reporting Module

The ECaTS Text-To-9-1-1 reporting module is a data persistent, full reporting system for all Text-to-9-1-1 reporting needs.

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Management Analytics Reports

ECaTS offers a wide range of management reports that specifically address the analytical requirements of PSAP managers and provide the tools necessary to identify areas and issues that require management attention.

Schedule Reports

ECaTS provides the client the ability to schedule and automatically run reports on a pre-determined schedule and e-mail the results of those reports directly to the user’s e-mail. This way, key reports are always available to be viewed by authorized personnel on a regular basis.

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About Us

Our Story

ECaTS is an acronym for Emergency Call Tracking System. ECaTS is the first universal 911 Call Reporting System that leverages the ubiquitous nature of the Internet to provide secure, real-time reporting to the 911 industry.

ECaTS was originally developed by Direct Technology, a custom software development and hosting company back in 1997. Originally, the product was developed to solve a critical business need for the 911 Program Office in the State of California. The Program Office was seeking a product that could provide universal 911 Call Statistics Analysis across the entire State, regardless of the type of Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) installed at each Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP).

Direct Technology decided to accept the challenge. They developed and deployed the first version of the product in late 1997 and the result was an overwhelming success. ECaTS was the first product to abstract the complexity of collecting, reporting and managing 911 Call Statistics using a web browser and some creative technology.

The product has since been successfully deployed in a myriad of States and Counties. Its new version of the product embraces solid Business Intelligence and Collaboration features that are increasing the demand for the product across the industry.

ECaTS is “Big Data”

ECaTS is Software as a Service that provides a richer experience than other typical 911 MIS packages. The software gathers data on more than 350,000 calls per day, a perspective which heavily lends itself to the truth of the data, ECaTS is able to produce insights that not only identify the data but how that data was produced. The company epitomizes the virtues of what it takes to confront the challenges of “Big Data” within the 911 industry and has brought private sector Business Intelligence analytics to the public safety industry. Supporting more than twelve different manufacturers telephone equipment, the raw data passes through ECaTS proprietary data-engine where it is parsed into a standard format before producing comparative reports for individual PSAPs on a local-level, organizational-level, and statewide-level.

The implementation of standards and measurable goals across multiple jurisdictions with a focus on full accountability of the data has quickly become a critical industry need. As counties and states consider, plan, and make dramatic technological transitions such as PSAP consolidation through hosted environments and Next Generation network deployments, ECaTS is ready with bleeding edge solutions to some of tomorrow’s most frustrating 911 issues. With a business intelligence platform like ECaTS, managing public safety services on a level that reveals the truth of the data to all stakeholders is made simpler.

The ECaTS Process

ECaTS is capable of capturing data from any source and translating that data into meaningful metrics. This task is not always easy when capturing from any CPE on the market. To overcome issues that arise when dealing with configuration variations, to non-conformance with proposed next-gen specifications, ECaTS leverages its team of analysts, client communication specialists, and developers in an agile manner. Even if the system is pure analog to a complete next-gen deployment, ECaTS is capable of reporting on the data it sees whatever that data may be, at any phase of deployment.

ECaTS focuses on capturing the data from PSAPs in a way that allows the data to speak for itself, revealing previously unseen correlations that help provide insights to users with the least amount of cognitive overhead required. ECaTS remains agile in the 911 industry by giving stakeholders a more active role in the development of the tools that comprise user’s workflow.

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