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New No-cost Mapping Solution Makes Data Visualization Easier Than Ever

The free Ad Hoc Mapping tool gives agencies and PSAPs a simpler, faster way to better understand incidents and plan for the future. Read More Here

Getting Your Public Safety Data to Exceed Expectations

What can your data do for you? That’s a compelling question given the ubiquity of reporting requirements in the public safety space. Reporting helps organize your data into digestible content that helps you make informed decisions better and faster. Even more exciting is when the data goes further--which is just what ECaTS’ Wireless Routing Analysis and the Phase 2 do to make your data exceed expectations. Read More Here

It’s All About the Data: Actionable Intelligence for 911

Video Blog by Jeff Robertson

What do you know about all of those new #911 data flows? Getting the right information to the right place at the right time is #emergencycommunciations critical mission. What else can that data do for you? Listen in as Jeff Robertson explains what ECaTS can show you – reporting, financial analysis, traffic detail, jurisdictional incidences, and so much more. Today, ECaTS provides actionable intelligence for close to 88M calls, assessing every aspect of wireless 911 routing with Wireless Routing Analysis. You’ll like the new, map-based user interface & the way we can now not only report misroutes, but fix them! Read More Here

i3 Logging Service by ECaTS
Actionable Intelligence for Next Generation 911

Details matter when you’re responsible for monitoring and managing the “big picture” view of your Emergency Services IP Network (ESInet) across multiple jurisdictions, even states. As a NG911, i3-compliant logging solution, ECaTS provides reliable resources that meet current and evolving standards, sorting out technical and regulatory complexities. Read More Here

3 Tips to Increase Awareness of Your Text-to-911 Program

Of the many challenges that PSAPs face, the list has to include the ability to get the word out to the community when rolling out a text-to-911 awareness program. Limited staff and budgets can hamstring even the best marketers, so I have to ask myself: How do resource-strapped PSAPs execute community outreach in a way that makes texting to 911 the most effective tool it can be in the right situations? Read More Here