Who We Are
Meet the brains behind the operation.

Our Teammates
Customizable solutions because your mission is our mission.

At ECaTS, we understand that people drive technology, not the other way around. Without great people, there is no great service. Our colleagues span five states and include six veterans, over 100 cumulative years of public safety industry experience, the cross-company ping pong tournament champion, and the best beards in the building.

ECaTS staff hand-develops, monitors, and analyzes every new release and feature of our online system. That means we have a subject-matter expert on premises for any question our customers have. Moreover, ECaTS is our only job. With 100% specialization and focus on emergency call tracking and reporting, our people are committed to the cause. The way we see it, your mission is our mission. Everyone at ECaTS is as passionate about public safety as you and your colleagues are. That’s how we know we’ll make a great team.

Our Story

ECaTS, or Emergency Call Tracking System, is the first ever MIS reporting service developed specifically for the public safety sector—and the first to offer online access to your data. We’re internet users too, and we understand how much better it is to work in a simple, streamlined way. After all, we’re out to solve problems, not create new complications or processes for you to adapt to. In fact, we originally developed ECaTS to solve a critical business need for the 9-1-1 Program Office in the State of California. Back in 1997, the Program Office needed a product that could provide universal 9-1-1 call statistics analysis across the entire state, regardless of the type of Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) installed at each PSAP.

Well, we’ve never backed down from a challenge. Our team developed and deployed the first version of ECaTS in late 1997, and it was an overwhelming success. Since then, we’ve continued to refine EcaTS and create new services to respond to modern-day public safety enterprise needs. EcaTS has been successfully deployed in 30+ states and recently expanded to Canada.

We attribute the success of ECaTS not only to our ability to respond to impending needs in the industry—Text-to-9-1-1 reporting, for example, and the ability to access data wirelessly from anywhere—but also to our commitment to superb service. For our customers, ECaTS isn’t a product, but a service: something interactive and evolving, designed to make your job easier, with passionate people available to help you make the most of your data. That focus has driven us for 20 years, and we can’t wait to show you what’s next.