ECaTS Standardized Analytics Reports

Call Summary Report

The Call Summary Report is designed to give the user a snapshot of all 911, 10-digit emergency, administrative call counts. This report displays a sum for each type of call for the date range selected. Depending on the call type selected, the Call Summary report will conform to the available data.


Calls Per Hour By Day of Week

The Calls per Hour by Day of Week report lists the number of calls for each hour of the day, by day of week (increments also apply). Depending on the call type selected, the Calls per Hour by Day of Week report will conform to the available data. The report also features a row with the average number of calls per day of the week.

Calls per Hour by Day of Week

ECaTS Dashboard

The ECaTS dashboard allows users to easily monitor call taker performance and system health on a per PSAP or regional basis. Performance metrics include current percent of abandoned calls and execution of NENA and NFPA answer time standards. The dashboard incorporates visualizations for overall call volume as well as statistics for each major class of service and wireless carrier. Real time alerts notify users of any deviation from normal.


ECaTS Ad Hoc Reports


ECaTS provides two distinct interfaces, Standard (simple) ad-hoc and Advanced ad-hoc. The standard interface captures the majority of the fields that are typically used by PSAP and County Administrators to generate ad-hoc reports and to analyze the data from a high level all the way down to the actual call.

The flexibility of both report interfaces is outstanding, providing both standard and advanced users with direct access to all fields in the database. Users also have the ability to export either report into Excel for further analysis and more custom-defined graphing options.

In addition to the advanced ad-hoc reporting, users will have access to the ECaTS helpdesk for custom report rendering. ECaTS will build the custom report you’ve requested using the advanced ad-hoc reporting tool and send the template directly to your user login. Any custom reports requiring development of new parsers and or new functionality to the existing portal will incur additional charges.

ECaTS Text To 9-1-1

Messages Per Hour By Carrier

The Messages per Hour by Carrier report provides a metric by Carrier of the total number of sessions as well as sent/received messages. When combined with a stacked bar graph, visualization of the popular carriers is very clear. The report breaks data out per hour with a final summary report at the beginning.

Messages per Hour by Carrier

Session Transcript

The SMS transcript report provides a complete transcript for each SMS Text-to-911 call. The report features one record per session. Each record includes the session start and end times, as well as the total number of messages and overall duration seconds. The remained of the record features the text for each message, as well as the MDN and the operator name for each message. All sessions that started during the selected date range will be included in output.

Session Transcript

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